How to Do a C-Section

Everybody talks about C-sections, but few people stop and think about the fact that obstetricians and surgeons do C-sections in a variety of ways. In my residency I began to see ways to take some of the risks out of the surgery. This video describes the techniques I developed in doing over 1000 C-sections over my 35 years of delivering babies. I suspect there is much here to help medical students as they learn to develop their own techniques in this procedure.

This video is also for patients who are scheduled to undergo a C-section. Typically, obstetricians do not discuss the details of a C-section with their patients. With this video, patients will know what questions to ask before they undergo the surgery. This is part of informed consent. Informed consent is much more than just signing a piece of paper.

Questions to Ask Your Obstetrician About C-sections

  • What percent of the deliveries at this hospital are C-sections?

  • What percent of this obstetrician's deliveries are C-sections?

  • How many of this obstetrician's patients wind up with C-sections wind up with post-operative infections?

  • How many of this obstetrician's C-section patients have blood transfusions?

  • How many maternal deaths has this obstetrician had?

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With the information in this video you will be able to confidently ask questions of your obstetrican about scheduled C-sections.

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